Bolivian President invites Opposition Leaders, International & Religious Organizations to end Impasse through Dialogue

  • Bolivian President Evo Morales is facing increasing pressure as the right-wing political parties continue their week-long anti-government protest. On Saturday, Morales announced at a press conference in El Alto that he’ll not use force to halt the on-going protests. He went on to summon 4 major political parties (Movement Towards Socialism, Citizens’ Community, the Bolivia Alliance, and the Christian Democratic Party) and the representatives of the international/religious organizations for dialogue and debate to end the impasse. The opposition-led protests have left dozens injured in Cochabamba, Sucre, and Santa Cruz. While calling the protests by the “violent groups” a coup against the newly elected leftist government, he sought “a peaceful resolution to the crisis” without shedding blood. The longest-serving Latin American leader is accused by the opposition parties of a rigged election after the vote counting was delayed by almost a day. A section of police has joined the opposition rioters in La Paz, the main city of Bolivia. However, the defense minister has ruled out any military action to suppress the police ‘mutiny’. Morales' party Movement for Socialism has urged its supporters to defend the government by coming to La Paz. The Mexican foreign ministry has said in a statement: “The Government of Mexico urges dialogue, as President Evo Morales has put it.”