Boeing Reduces 737 Production after Ethiopian Authorities indicate Technical Fault behind Crash of Ethiopian Airlines

  • Boeing has decided to cut the production of its best-selling 737 airliners from 52 planes to 42 planes from mid-April 2019. The decision was taken after halting delivery of 737 Max model, which showed technical snags leading to two accidents. In March, the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crashed only minutes after it took-off from Addis Ababa. It killed all the 157 passengers on board. A same type of problem took place 5 months back when Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed after taking off from Jakarta (in Indonesia). In that accident, 189 passengers died. After analyzing the accidents, preliminary findings show that the anti-stall MCAS system in both the Boeing planes didn’t work properly, leading them to nosedive. The Boeing statement comes just after the Ethiopian authorities issued a statement on Thursday saying that the crashed ET302’s pilot repeatedly followed the procedure prescribed by Boeing but couldn’t avert the crash.