Bodies Of Dead Climbers Are Found On Everest

  • As per the recent reports by Mount Everest expedition operators it has been found that the number of dead bodies of the climbers is increasing. The rise in temperature at Mount Everest, Asia which is the world's highest peak, is resulting in the melting of snow and glaciers.

    Sources have reported that the bodies of more than 200 climbers have been found since 1922. No proper cremation was done as dead bodies of mountaineers were found buried under glaciers and snow. Ang Tshering Sherpa, former President of Nepal Mountaineering Association, has told that “ the reason behind melting glaciers is global warming and climate change”. she further added that since 2008 her firm has brought down the dead bodies of around seven mountaineers. Various associations are looking forward to it to improve the condition of the climbers. Authorities lament by quoting that “Some of them have been brought to the town for the proper burial but some dead bodies which are still lying on the Everest and can't be figured out we must pray for them.”