Boat accident kills bride-to-be and best man

  • New York authorities are looking into a weekend boating accident that caused the deaths of a bride-to-be and best man. 

    Mark Lennon, who was to be the best man at the wedding and Stewart the bride-to-be were thrown from the boat late Friday when the 21-foot Stingray power boat slammed into one of the three construction barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge, which is 25 miles north of Manhattan. 

    Stewart's body was recovered Saturday and Lennon's Sunday morning when the police reported a body in the river. Potential alcohol use and poor lighting are likely the causes for the crash.

    We're looking into every single thing," Sheriff Louis Falco said. 

    The boat operator Jojo K. John has been arrested since there is probable cause to believe that he operated the boat while intoxicated. 

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