Biden Wins South Carolina, Bernie Sanders builds Momentum to Huge Win on Super Tuesday

  • Former Vice President and former Senator from Delaware Joe Biden won 2020 South Carolina (SC) primary convincingly. While congratulating Biden on his SC win, Bernie Sanders told his supporters that “you can't win them all”.  Biden received 255,662 votes (48.4% of the total votes and 36 pledged delegates), followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (who received 105,070 votes or 19.9% of total votes and 13 pledged delegates), billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer (who received 59,815 votes or 11.3% of total votes and 0 delegates), former South Bend (Indiana) Mayor Pete Buttigieg (who received 43,484 votes or 8.2% of total votes and 0 delegates), and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (who received 37,285 votes or 7.1% of total votes and 0 delegates). The Democratic candidates leading the delegate count are Bernie Sanders (with 58 delegates), Joe Biden (with 50 delegates), Pete Buttigieg (with 8 delegates), and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (with 7 delegates). Super Tuesday (March 3) is going to be a decisive day for 2020 US Democratic primary and caucus election as 14 US States and 1 territory goes to poll, which has 1,344 pledged delegates. The 14 US states that go to poll on March 3 are California (415 delegates), Texas (228 delegates), North Carolina (110 delegates), Virginia (99 delegates), Massachusetts (91 delegates), Minnesota (75 delegates), Colorado (67 delegates), Tennessee (64 delegates), Alabama (52 delegates), Oklahoma (37 delegates), Arkansas (31 delegates), Utah (29 delegates), Maine (24 delegates), and Vermont (16 delegates). The only US territory that goes to poll on Super Tuesday is American Samoa, which has 6 pledged delegates. The average of recent polls shows that Bernie Sanders is leading the National Polls, California, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Utah by +10.8, +17.0, +8.9, +5.5, +4.0, +13.0, and +13.0 percentage points respectively. Sanders got a shot in the arm on Saturday when over 10,000 people turned out in freezing temperatures in Massachusetts. Bernie Sanders’s campaign has announced that it raised $46.5 million in February, which is the largest monthly amount of funds raised till now in this cycle by any Democratic candidate.