Bernie Sanders Releases Reproductive Health Care Plan to Woo Women Voters especially Black Women

  • Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has released his “Reproductive Health Care and Justice for All Plan” on Saturday, just days before the face-off between him and Joe Biden (another frontrunner in the 2020 US Democratic presidential election) on Tuesday (March 10) in 6 primaries. The reproductive health care plan proposes to repeal the Hyde Amendment, expand federal funding for Planned Parenthood, make birth control medication available free of cost (under Medicare For All) over-the-counter (OTC), and seek protection for abortion rights in the judicial system. Just before the International Women’s Day celebration on March 8 (Sunday), Sanders said in a statement: “When I am in the White House, we will fight back against the Republican assault on abortion rights across this country and defend a woman’s fundamental right to control her own body.” He also addressed the racial disparity (black vs. white women) in reproductive healthcare and pledged to do away with all such racial disparities by bringing uninsured women (irrespective of their race) under his advocated universal healthcare policy – “Medicare for All”.  Sanders pledged to provide all women in the US, especially black women, “the reproductive freedom and justice that they deserve” when he becomes the next US President. The total number of pledged delegates that are up for grab on March 10 Super Tuesday is 352. The states that are going to allocate maximum delegates on the upcoming Super Tuesday are Michigan (125 delegates), Washington (89 delegates), Missouri (68 delegates), Mississippi (36 delegates), Idaho (20 delegates), and North Dakota (14 delegates). Octogenarian actor and activist Jane Fonda has declared that she is backing Bernie Sanders as he is the only climate candidate and the US needs a “climate president”.