Bernie Sanders Leads New Hampshire Polls, Pete Buttigieg makes Rapid Gains to the Second Spot

  • The Vermont Senator and the US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is leading in the average of polls in New Hampshire, where the Democratic presidential primary election is going to be held on Tuesday. While Sanders is leading the New Hampshire poll with likely support from 26.4% of the Democratic primary voters, the former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in the second spot with 22.2% of the support. A new CNN poll (conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center) shows that Sanders is still leading the New Hampshire primary but after making it to the top of Iowa primary Buttigieg is swiftly gaining support. In the February 4-7, 2020 poll, Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire with 28% support, followed by Pete Buttigieg with 21% support. Since the last CNN poll in Jan 2020, Sanders’ popularity has increased by 3-percentage points from 25% to 28% and Buttigieg’s support has increased by 6-percentage points from 15% to 21%. While former Vice President Joe Biden’s support has decreased from 16% to 11%, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s support has come down from 12% to 9% since January 2020.