Bernie Sanders is Back in the 2020 US Presidential Race, AOC and Ilhan Omar Endorse Bernie

  • US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders got a shot in the arm on Saturday when Democratic Party’s progressive section led by the US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) endorsed Bernie in his Presidential race. At the New York’s Queensbridge Park, AOC joined the ''Bernie's Back'' rally and went on to introduce Sanders to thousands of cheering supporters. It was Bernie’s come back campaign trail, just 3 weeks after suffering a heart attack. While addressing the audience, Bernie said that he is “more than ready to assume the office of President of the United States”. Bernie’s campaign team said that it was attended by 25,872 people, the largest in his 2020 campaign. Reports say the main draws to Bernie’s campaigns are the proposal for government-run health care, public housing project, public education, and the promise to write off medical debts. During his speech in New York, Bernie said that he plans to finance these people-centric proposals by raising the taxes on the rich and also bringing in wealth tax for people having a net worth over US$32 million. Another progressive who endorsed Bernie Sanders is Rep. Ilhan Omar. Another influential woman of color who is also a member of the progressive group of US Representatives “The Squad”, Rashida Tlaib, is expected to endorse Bernie Sanders.