Bernie Sanders Calls for $2,000 Emergency Payment and Freeze of All Monthly Rents & Mortgage Payments

  • The US Presidential hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has renewed his push for the monthly payment of $2,000 as emergency payment to all Americans until the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic is over. Sanders said that the COVID-19 pandemic could not only kill “hundreds of thousands of Americans and infect millions of others” but also lead to “an economic downturn that could be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s”. The progressive senator has also called for freezing all monthly rents and mortgage payments. Sanders said that these are some of the relief packages that he wants to see in the 4th coronavirus relief package that the US Congress is currently considering. On his campaign website, Bernie Sanders stressed in a post “Priorities for the Next Coronavirus Relief Package” that in such an unprecedented moment in modern American history, the US government must act in an unprecedented way so that the fruits of the relief can reach every person in the US, “including the undocumented, the homeless, the unbanked, and young adults excluded from the CARES ACT.”