Beirut hit by couple of rockets – 3 injured

  • The southern region of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has been hit by a rocket strike and this has wounded a minimum of 3 people. The two rockets hit the district that is under the control of the Hezbollah organization. This information has been provided by local residents and officials while speaking to the media. Yesterday Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, had made a promise to his supporters that they would do well in Syria where they are supporting the President Bashar al-Assad.

    There is no indication yet as to who was behind the rocket attacks or the location from where all this was done. Hezbollah is a militant organization of Shia Muslims and has recently lost dozens of its members who have been killed while fighting alongside the army in Syria where the present administration is facing an opposition that is primarily Sunni.

    The conflict in Syria has brought into open the sectarian issues in Lebanon itself and that too in the public limelight at times. In Syria, Assad has been struggling to terminate a revolt that started a couple of years ago. This fight has already claimed the lives of at least 80 thousand people and almost 1.5 million people have had to take refuge elsewhere.