Bali Volcano : 35,000 people evacuated from near Mount Agung

  • Around 35,000 people have been evacuated from near Bali's enormous volcano, Mount Agung. It is feared that the volcano will erupt for the first time in more than fifty years as the intensity of its tremors is increasing day by day. Authorities in Bali issued warning as hundreds of tremors each day are shaking Bali's volcano, Mount Agung. In a statement issued by Indonesia's National Volcanology Center on Sunday night, “the mountain's seismic energy is increasing and has the potential to erupt.” Approximately, a 12 km exclusion zone around the volcano has been imposed and the authorities have issued their highest level alert. As per Governor Made Mangku Pastika, “so far more than 35,000 people have been moved to temporary accommodation and the number is expected to rise to 70,000 after eruption.” Further, Governor Patika said that the hardest work is evacuating people; telling people to evacuate is not easy, especially in Bali.

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