Baby died on baggage carousel in Spain

  • A 5-month old baby died on a baggage carousel in Alicante and investigators are trying to figure out how that happened. A spokeswoman for the airport authority mentioned that is not yet clear as to how the baby ended up on the belt.

    She said, "the baby was on the baggage carousel, but could not have gotten there alone. Someone had to put the baby there. I don't know how the baby got there."

    According to the Civil Guard spokesman who said the incident is being treated as an accident, the weight of the baby activated the belt and resulted in making it move. However, the spokeswoman said it is not possible for the belt to be activated by weight. 

    The dead baby's mother had arrived with another young child at the airport from Gatwick airport in London and his father was waiting at the Alicante airport already. 

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