Avalanches Bury Villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan

  • Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan and Pakistan after being Hit by Avalanches

    January 6, 2017: As the avalanches hit along the Afghan-Pakistani border, the death toll has risen to 117.

    As per reports, rescuers have reached the isolated regions where more people are assumed to be trapped under the snow.

    The majority of casualties occurred in Afghanistan, where at least 107 people lost their lives and 65 were injured.

    In Pakistan's Garam Chashma area, 13 people died and 19 have been injured.


    Avalanche Claims 50 Lives in Afghanistan & Pakistan

    January 5, 2017: Close to 50 people were killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan after heavy snow hit over the weekend followed by avalanches.

    At least 50 people died and dozens were missing in eastern Afghanistan after an avalanche buried an entire village in Nuristan. Provincial governor Hafiz Abdul Qayum said that based on information from district officials, 50 bodies have been recovered so far and the number is likely to increase.

    Meanwhile, as many as 19 people were killed in the northern province of Badakhshan and 17 were injured by avalanches, collapsed roofs and road accidents over two days.

    In the meantime, the government was working towards reaching at least 12 districts in Badakhshan that had been completely desolated. Heavy snow also engulfed the city of Kabul, and the government had closed its offices on Sunday.

    In Pakistan, at least nine people lost their lives during an avalanche in the northern Chitral district. It is believed that as many as 14 residents are still trapped in collapsed houses.

    Heavy snow has wreaked havoc on prominent roads in Afghanistan, including the Kabul-Kandahar Highway. The Salang pass north of Kabul was also trapped under close to two and a half metres of snow.