Authorities investigating suspect package on Air France flight

  • Air France bomb hoax: Two people arrested

    Two people onboard the Air France flight have been detained by the police in Paris. As per media reports, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Kenya upon the discovery of a fake bomb. Upon their return, the two people were taken into custody by the border police. One of them was an ex-police officer who lives in Reunion, which lies in the Indian Ocean.

    Suspicious object found on Air France plane deemed false alarm

    A suspicious object that was initially thought to be a bomb and forced an Air France plane to land in Kenya was later found to be fake. As per media reports, the company released a statement saying that the incident amounted to a false alarm. Joseph Nkaissery, Interior Minister of Kenya, said that the authorities are interrogating a few passengers of concern who are onboard the plane. 

    The discovery of a suspect package in a lavatory of an Air France flight forced the pilots to make an emergency landing in Kenya. As per media reports, bomb experts are now examining the suspect package found on the Boeing 777 that was carrying 459 passengers and was en route from Mauritius to Paris.  The airport and the plane were safely evacuated as the suspicious item was removed from the aircraft.  The Kenyan authorities said that several passengers were being questioned.