Australians to fume at shark attack control plan

  • Australia is the most dangerous place when it comes to shark attacks given that six people have been killed in the past two years. Officials plan on doing something about this issue by attaching 72 baited hooked to floats near popular beaches. 

    The Guardian reports that some of the sharks will be trapped fatally but conservationists don't approve of this plan and the fact that contracted fishermen are allowed to kill any shark they see more than 10 feet nearby. 

    "What they are doing is illegal and violates 15 different United Nations conventions and treaties," an activist notes. The fact that this trap targets the endangered great white shark is controversial as well. 

    Moreover, scuba divers are worried that the bait would make the animals come closer to shore.

    "While we understand this policy will be divisive and cause anxiety for some in the community, it is clear that the number of fatalities in recent years required a stronger response," officials said. 

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