Australia strips citizenship from Islamic State terrorist Sharrouf

  • Islamic State combatant Khaled Sharrouf, who shocked the world by sharing a picture of his child holding up the severed head of a soldier, has become the first dual national to be stripped of his Australian citizenship under the country’s anti-terrorism law of 2015.

    Australia authorities have induced this law for the first time ever which permits the government to strip the citizenship of dual nationals suspected of being associated with any activity related to terrorism.

    Though the state declined to name the individual stripped of their Australian citizenship, the Australian newspaper has acknowledged him as 35-year-old dual-national Sharrouf.

    Sharrouf had traveled to Syria in late 2013 before joining the Islamic State the next year, stated the newspaper. He gained infamy in August 2014 after he tweeted a photograph of his 7-year-old son holding the chopped off head of a Syrian soldier, with the caption “That’s my boy!”

    Australia had implemented an anti-terrorism law in 2015 - the Allegiance to Australia Act, which allows the government to strip off citizenship from dual-nationals who are suspected/convicted of involvement in military acts or joining banned organizations.