Asif Ali Zardari first Pakistan President in history to finish term

  • President Asif Ali Zardani stepped down today becoming the first democratically elected president in Pakistan to complete a full term. He had risen to power after the assassination of the Prime Minister and his wife, Benazir Bhutto in 2007. 

    Analysts count the completion to Zardani's credit and his stance against Islamic militancy. He is also praised for his role in the passage of many pieces of legislation such as the laws against sexual harassment and domestic violence. There were, however, few crisis such as economic mismanagement as well as the failure to handle Pakistan's energy crisis that hurt the leader's popularity. 

    In a recent interview, Zardani talked about the opportunities that had been lost. He admitted that he could have managed the economy in a more efficient manner. "More work could have been done," Zardani said. 

    He had left his own position as largely ceremonial by agreeing to transferring many of the powers of the president over to the prime minister. 

    Mamnoon Hussain is scheduled to replace Zardani as president. 

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