Asiana flight landed too slow, say investigators

  • U.S. investigations into the crash of the Asiana Boeing 777 suggest the plane was flying too slow as it came in to land at the San Franciso airport.

    Two teenage Chinese students were killed and more than 180 people were injured in the crash on Saturday night.

    "I will tell you that the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. We still have to corroborate some information. As I mentioned, this was a preliminary read of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder,” said Deborah Hersman, head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

    According to National Transport Safety Board investigators, there were no signs of any problem until seconds before the crash.

    The crew tried to boost power and abort the landing but a second and half later the plane crashed into a sea wall.

    Asiana has stated the pilot landing the aircraft was in training for the Boeing 777.

    It was also his first flight with that model to the airport.

    The pilot has more than 9,700 hours of flying experience but only 43 with the Boeing 777.

    There were 291 passengers and 16 crew on board the flight, the majority of them Chinese.

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