Arkema Inc chemical plant in Texas expected to explode due to catastrophic flooding

  • Submerged under six feet of floodwater, Arkema Inc chemical plant is expected to explode anytime soon. Heavily flooded Arkema Inc chemical plant in Crosby, Texas is expected to catch fire or explode as the plant has lost power to its chemical cooling system. All the nearby residents and employees have been evacuated. It is still unclear how big the explosion could be as the officials have not revealed the amount of chemical on site. Janet Smith, the spokesperson of Arkema Inc said, “as the temperature rises, the natural state of these materials will decompose. A white smoke will result, and that will catch fire. So the fire is imminent. The question is when.” As a precaution against potential contamination from flooding, at least ten oil refineries have been shut down in the affected areas. Due to unprecedented flooding, at least 31 people have lost their lives, more than 32,000 people are in shelter and about 107,000 are rendered without electricity across the state, as told by governor Greg Abott.

    Hurricane Harvey Flood Map