Ariel Castro charged over Cleveland kidnapping

  • Cleveland resident Ariel Castro was charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape on Wednesday after three women who were missing for a decade were found at his home earlier this week.

    Castro, 52, is due to appear in court later today. His brothers Pedro, 54, and Onil, 50, will not face any charges.

    Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32, were discovered in Castro’s home on Monday.

    According to police, the women had been bound with ropes and chains.

    More than 200 pieces of evidence have been collected from the house.

    Police added that interviews with the women had given them enough information to charge Castro.

    Berry disappeared in 2003 aged 16. She managed to escape after a neighbor heard her screaming and broke down a door while Castor was out of the house.

    DeJesus went missing aged 14 in 2004 and Knight disappeared in 2002, when she was 20.

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