Antonis Samaras sworn in as Greek PM

  • Antonis Samaras has been sworn in as the prime minister of Greece after his New Democracy party forged a coalition with the Socialists (Pasok) and the smaller Democratic Left.

    The deal ends weeks of uncertainty in the country after an inconclusive election in May raised fears Greece could leave the eurozone.

    The new coalition is expected to face pressure from the Greek public having endured five years of recession and a series of austerity measures.

    Syriza, the leftist party that came second in Sunday's poll and opposes the austerity plans, is expected to play a strong role as the opposition.

    New Democracy won 129 seats in Greece's 300-seat parliament, followed by Syriza with 71, Pasok with 33 and the Democratic Left with 17.

    Between them, the three coalition parties have a majority of 29.