Anders Behring Breivik says prison conditions "inhumane"

  • Anders Behring Breivik, convicted of the massacre of 77 people in Norway last year, has claimed he is being held in "inhumane" conditions.

    In a letter to the prison service, Breivik complained that his coffee was served cold, he did not have enough butter for his bread and was not allowed moisturiser.

    The Norwegian is currently serving a minimum 21-year sentence for the bombings and shootings in Oslo and Utoeya island last July.

    Norwegian authorities have not commented on the letter.

    However, his lawyer confirmed on Friday that the details of the 27-page document leaked to Norway's VG newspaper were genuine.

    Breivik is being held in isolation for 23 hours a day at Ila prison outside Oslo.

    His cell includes three sections, one to sleep, one to study or read and a third for exercise. Each section measures 86 sq ft.

    Breivik killed 77 people, most of them teenagers at a youth camp run by Norway's ruling Labour Party.

    His 21-year sentence can be extended as long as he is seen as a danger to society.