Ancient tomb's warrior might actually be a princess

  • Archaeologists in Tuscany, Italy, discovered last month that the 2,600-year old skeleton discovered in an unopened tomb, which was believed to be that of an Etruscan prince was actually that of a 35- to 40-year old princess. 

    However, Science World Report doesn't agree with the new theory and still thinks the skeleton was that of a prince. 

    Archaeologist Judith Weingarten insisted that the spear was burried next to the princess and not the prince. "Why is it so difficult to understand that the ruling class of Etruscan society was made up of both men AND women?" she said.

    Weingarten also noted that her lance could have been a symbol of her authority instead of the "weapon of a warrior."

    Unlike the Greeks and the Romans, the Etruscans left no historical documents. "So their graves provide a unique insight into their culture," a writer for LiveScience mentioned.

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