American imprisoned for posting funny video last year

  • Looks like the UAE cannot handle jokes: Three men, including an American citizen named Shezanne Cassim have been sentenced to a year in prison by the state security court in Abu Dhabi. 

    The men have been charged with damaging the nation's reputation online by posting a goofy video, titled "Satwa G," last year. The video pokes fun at the suburban hip-hop culture in Dubai, which Cassim's brother said was "just for fun."

    Reuters also noted that a man was sentenced to two years in prison after he tweeted about a political trial last year. 

    The case has attracted the attention of celebrities in the U.S. and a comedy video website, which is funded both by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, posted a video in order to raise awareness. "Basically Dubai, if you want to be viewed as an international place, destination - don't put people in jail for making silly videos. ... It's one thing to have a bad sense of humor. It's another thing to lock somebody up because of it," McKay said in the video. 

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