Amazon: A Brazilian Police Officer Killed in an Isolated Region by the Tribe

  • Rieli Franciscato, 56, a top Brazilian expert, has been killed in a remote region of Rondônia state in north-western Brazil. He has been killed by an arrow on an isolated Amazon tribe. He was in the area to scan a tribe as part of his investigation for the government’s indigenous agency. Franciscato attempted to take shelter behind a vehicle and was stuck in the chest by an arrow. Another policeman who was accompanying him managed to remove that arrow. The officer said "He cried out, pulled that arrow from his chest, ran 50 m (164 ft) and collapsed, lifeless". A photojournalist in the region, Mr Uchida who is also the eye witness of the incident said the tribe was usually "a peaceful group" but "this time, there were just five armed men - a war party". As per the indigenous rights group Survival International, the world’s largest rainforest, Amazon is home to about 100 isolated tribes.

    Map of Brazil

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