Almost 100 killed in Mexico

  • The tropical storm double-whammy hit Mexico this week killing at least 97 excluding the ones that are missing. For instance, following a landslide on Monday, 68 out of 800 residents of a town called La Pintada have been reported missing. One woman said "half the homes in town were smothered and buried."

    The storm wiped out multiple families and has caused about $400M in damage. 

    There have been evacuations for tourists in Acapulco but it seems as if the government forgot about the town of Renacimiento considering that cleanup crews got there only yesterday. 

    One of the residents complained saying, "they (the government) help everyone else, but they've forgotten about Renacimiento."

    According to federal officials, reaching more remote areas of Mexico has been difficult due to the climate conditions but mentioned that aid was on its way. President Enrique Peña Nieto referred to the situation as being extraordinary and said the extent of the rains across the country is "historic". 

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