Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma to Donate 100 Million Clinical Masks to WHO

  • The founder of Alibaba (headquartered in Hangzhou, China), Jack Ma announced that he would donate millions of masks and test kits to the World Health Organization (WHO). He posted the message on the Chinese social media platform Weibo saying he and Alibaba would donate "100 million clinical masks, 1 million N-95 masks, and 1 million test kits to the WHO." This isn't the first time, Ma and his company Alibaba have supplied Coronavirus aid kits. Earlier, Alibaba donated 1 billion yuan ($14.1 million) to Wuhan and Hubei province to buy medical supplies, he had donated 1 million masks to Japan, Ma also took to Weibo to announce he would donate half a million testing kits and 1 million face masks to the United States and is working to ship 1 million masks to Iran.

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