Albania Municipal Election Polls Close, Results to be announced on Monday

  • The polls have closed in Albania municipal election, which has been boycotted by the opposition. The political turmoil is going on in the Balkan nation since February 2019. At the beginning of the year, the opposition politicians resigned from the parliament and launched violent street protests against the incumbent Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama. They allege that Edi Rama is corrupt and also carried out electoral fraud in the year 2017. In fact, President Ilir Meta also tried to stop Sunday polling citing the widespread and ongoing unrest. However, the highest election authority of Albania, the Electoral College, overruled the President. Except for some minor incidents, the poll was more or less peaceful. Polling for the municipal election in Albania started at 0500 GMT and went on till 1700 GMT. The preliminary results are expected to be published on Monday.