About 200 inmates escape in Pakistan after Taliban attacks on prison

  • Taliban gunmen wearing police uniforms attacked the largest jail in a northwestern Pakistani province and allowed 200 inmates to escape, according to the authorities. 

    This wasn't the first such attack a similar one had happened 18 months ago but the security forces were still unprepared for the raid. More than a dozen people were killed during the assault so the incident raises questions on state institutions' capacity to battle a domestic Taliban insurgency. 

    The gunmen had reportedly cut off the prison's power supply before launching the attack from all sides. Multiple explosions were heard during the assault. The Dera Ismail Khan police commissioner, Mushtaq Jadoon said the attackers announced the names of the people they wanted to be released. After they took the people away, locals reported they heard chants of Allah O Akbar. 

    Taliban spokesperson Shahidaullah Shahid described the operation a success. 

    A bomb disposal squad official, Inayatullah Tiger reported that the bombs planted in various areas of the prison, suicide jackets and explosives-laden chemical drums were defused as well. 

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