A crashing cow kills man

  • The victim's brother rightly said that being crushed by a cow is the last way you'd think of leaving this world. This 45-year-old who was asleep next to his wife when this cow that is said to have escaped from the nearby farm stepped onto the roof. The wife and the cow are unharmed. 

    The brother also said that he believes that it wasn't the cow that killed Joao (the victim), but it was the unreasonable amount of time that he had to wait for to get examined was what took his life. Joao is known to have suffered from internal bleeding and he allegedly died because he was made to wait too long to seek medical help. According to the Independent, the hospital denied this claim. 

    The local media says that this is not the first time such an incident has happened but this is the first time that a victim has lost his life because of it.