85 hostages taken by Boko Haram freed by Chadian troops

  • Nigerian sources have confirmed that 85 hostages taken by troops of the Islamist terror group Boko Haram earlier this week, have been rescued. An official from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Maiduguri, Nigeria, confirmed that 63 male and 22 female hostages had been rescued by Chadian troops.

    Boko Haram had kidnapped 97 people from the village of Doron Baga in Nigeria earlier this week. The hostages were taken across the border at Lake Chad to the neighboring country of Chad on motorboats.

    Security officials in Chad reported that they had intercepted a convoy of buses led by Boko Haram  gunmen who were escorting a large number of people. This aroused the suspicion of the Chadian authorities who detained the convoy and freed the hostages, upon determining they were being held captive. However,approximately 30 hostages kidnapped in the recent raid in Nigeria are still missing. Their captors put them on motorboats and raced away when they observed the convoy with the rest of the hostages being halted for checking.  Boko Haram regularly carries out kidnappings as a strategy to induct conscripts and capture sex slaves. 

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