6 People Lost Their Lives Due to Hailstorms and Tornadoes in Greece

  • As per recent news, dozens of people were reported to be injured due to strong and wild winds witnessed in the region of Halkidiki in Greece, situated near the city of Thessaloniki. Additionally, violent hailstorms and tornadoes took away the lives of six tourists in northern Greece. This destructive natural calamity took place during the late hours on Wednesday, July,10, 2019. Moreover, various news channels covered the landscape in which fallen trees, overturned cars, mudslides and torn roofs presented a tragic picture. Charalambos Steriadis, the head of civil protection of northern Greece, in one of his statements, informed that six people were killed and 30 people were injured due to this cyclone, hence the destruction to life and property was overwhelming.

    Map Depicting Hailstorms and Tornadoes in Greece

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