5 Killed in US Wildfires, Thousands Flee Homes

  • As per reports, wildfires burned hundreds of square miles in four US states Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado, forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. At least five people were killed in the wildfires. Reports also say that warnings of fire conditions have been issued for Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska as strong thunderstorms turned towards the midsection of the nation overnight.

    The wildfires have burned about 625 square miles of land in Kansas.

    Around 10,000 to 12,000 people left their homes in Reno County on Monday night.

    Hundreds of people were evacuated from Russell, Ellsworth and Comanche counties in central Kansas. Some roads, which include two short stretches of Interstate 70, were closed due to the Kansas fires.

    Over 195 square miles of land was burned in the Texas Panhandle.




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