4-year old confronted mall attacker and got freed

  • After the mall attackers shot his mother in the leg, The 4-year old British boy trapped inside a mall in Kenya, told a militant that he was a "bad man" and asked him to leave them alone. 

    The attacker ended up taking the accusation to heart and freed both Elliot Prior and his 6-year old sister, Amelie, along with their mother. He also gave Mars bars to each one of the children. 

    Their mother, Amber reportedly saved two more children while exiting, including a 12-year old whose mother had been killed. 

    The gunman even asked for forgiveness while the group departed, claiming that they are not monsters.

    The mother said the attacker asked, "Do you forgive us? Do you forgive us?" She mentioned that she said whatever they wanted to hear.

    The attacked even encouraged Amber to convert to Islam and told the group that they weren't looking to cause any harm to the British- only Americans and Kenyans. 

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