4 culprits sentenced to death in India Gang Rape case

  • The four men convicted in the Delhi gang rape case have been sentenced to death. 

    The woman they had brutally raped in a moving bus in December had suffered such severe injuries internally that she died within two weeks. Judge Yogesh Khanna handed down the sentence and mentioned that the attack has "shocked the collective conscience" of the country. 

    One of the four men, Vinay Sharma, 20, broke down after the sentence. 

    The culprits can choose to appeal to the Supreme Court and the sentence is yet to be confirmed by the country's High Court. 

    The girl's family who have waited long to get justice is happy with the decision. This high profile rape case has been closely followed across India and is seen as a reflection of the mistreatment of women as well as the increasing number of sex crimes in the country. 

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