355 dead in Syria

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    The Syrian government is arguing over the usage of chemical weapons and the US government is weighing as to what it should do about it. Meanwhile, the aid group, Doctors Without Borders, has confirmed that chemical weapons were indeed used in the attack, bringing about 3,600 patients to the hospitals in a span of three hours. The patients that were brought to the three hospitals supported by the group in Damascus showed "neurotoxic symptoms". 

    355 of those patients have died since the attack.

    The group's director of operations said the cause of these symptoms hasn't been confirmed. Moreover, no one has yet established as to who is responsible for the attack. 

    He said the "mass exposure to a neurotoxic agent" is indicated due to "the epidemiological pattern of the events" as well as the reported symptoms of the victims. 

    The US government still hasn't reached a decision on whether or not the attacks were chemical. 

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