32 Mummies Found in Central Egypt, May Rejuvenate Tourism

  • An archaeological mission of Egypt has discovered a necropolis in the village of Tuna al-Gabal (located in central Egypt’s Touna el-Gabal district of Minya province), near the Nile Valley city of Minya, that holds as many as 32 mummies.

    Reports say that many mummies may date back to 332BC, the time when Alexander The Great conquered Egypt.

    Radar had been used by the students of Cairo University last year to find the site.

    Officials believe that the new finding will help rejuvenate tourism, which was adversely affected by the 2011 uprising in Egypt.

    Khaled al-Anani, Antiquities Minister of Egypt, has said that this is the first  human necropolis that has been found in Tuna al-Gabal.

    Reports also point out that the mummies were well preserved, which also means that the mummies are that of priests and high ranking officials.