31 people arrested over $50 million Belgium airport diamond heist

  • Thirty-one people have been arrested across Belgium, Switzerland and France in connection with one of the world's largest diamond robbery.

    The arrests relate to a heist that took place at Brussels’ main airport in February.

    On February 18, a gang of eight cut through the airport's fence and broke into the cargo hold of a Helvetic Airways plane before it took off.

    They took 120 packages before escaping through the same hole they came in from.

    The gang seized $50 million worth of diamonds, which were being transported from Antwerp to Zurich.

    Police have described the thieves as "professionals", adding that they were dressed as police, wore masks and were armed.

    One suspect was arrested in France and six in Switzerland on Tuesday.

    The other 24 were apprehended near Brussels on Wednesday.

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