25 policemen killed in Egypt

  • Security officials in Egypt said 25 policemen were killed in Sinai on Monday. The policemen were off-duty wearing civilian clothes when they were shot execution-style. 

    According to the officials, the Islamic militants ambushed two vehicles and forced the policemen to step outside and lie down. Rocket-propelled grenades were known to be the used in the attack initially. However, the state television in Egypt confirmed that the policemen were shot. The officials, who spoke anonymously also reported that two policemen were wounded during the attack. 

    Sinai has been experiencing such attacks quite frequently since July 3.

    Monday's killings happened one day after the police freed a prison guard, killing at least 36 people. Those deaths combined with the most recent killings of 25 policemen have raised the official death toll in Egypt to 1,000 since Wednesday. 

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