2020 US Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders has Called for Curtailing US Spending on Weapons & Use it to Fight Climate Change

  • President hopeful and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has called for stopping so much spending on weapons and instead use that fund for fighting climate change. During December Democratic debate in Los Angeles on Thursday, Bernie said that “instead of spending $1.8 trillion a year globally on weapons of destruction”, the world could pool the resources and fight climate change together. The Vermont Senator has proposed a US$16 trillion Green New Deal climate plan that he intends to implement and fight climate change once he becomes the US President. Bernie has also criticized the $738 billion defense package passed by the US Congress and said that the time has come for the US to fundamentally change its “priorities as a nation”. During the 5th Democratic debate in LA, Sanders has called the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a racist and called the need for US to maintain a level playing field that recognizes the need for Israeli security and also a “pro-Palestinian” perspective.