13 killed in Indian Ocean as refugee boat drowns

  • 13 refugees have been found dead near the Christmas Island territory of Australia after a fishing boat from Indonesia drowned in that area. Authorities have also stated that approximately 40 people are still missing from the incident. It is estimated that the boat, which capsized 120 km in the northwestern direction from the Christmas Island had almost 55 passengers. Christmas Island is a sort of safe haven for refugees, mostly from the Middle East region, who are looking to start their lives all over again in Australia. A patrol plane had seen the boat on June 5 and estimated the number of people that were there on board.

    During that time, the boat had seemed to be still and was supposedly not facing any problems. Also, the authorities did not receive any distress call. The Customs and Border Protection authorities have revealed that three planes have been deployed to search for the survivors. Jason Clare, the Home Affairs Minister, has stated that this incident is an example of the dangers one may face during a journey and termed the whole incident a tragedy. He has stated that another boat near Christmas Island had sent a distress call on 8th June and presently efforts are on to locate it.