100K bats drop dead from the sky

  • Australia experienced a heat wave as the United States froze due to the "polar vortex" and reports suggest that the heat wave caused 100k bats to die, many of which fell from the sky. 

    "The heatwave was basically a catastrophe for all the bat colonies in southeast Queensland," a source told ABC News, adding that 25 colonies reported these mass deaths. 

    Bats are fragile creatures, who cannot handle temperatures over 109 degrees. "They just fall," a conservation worker said. "It's a horrible, cruel way to die."

    Another issue is that the odor is annoying locals and residents have mentioned that they lived with the smell for several days. Apart from the bats that fell on the ground, hundreds are stuck in trees, attracting maggots. 

    Moreover, 16 people have had to get treated after coming into close contact or being scratched by bats. 

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