Yahoo to revive inactive email IDs

  • Yahoo is letting people place claims on their email IDs that have become inactive. This opportunity will extend through August 7. The company isn’t providing specifics regarding this offer. There would be an activation period of 48 hours beginning August 15.

    Yahoo is hoping that people who choose to claim their old IDs would discover the changes that have been made to the homepage, email and other services after Marissa Mayer became the company’s CEO.

    The way chosen by Yahoo to do this could however, may prove to be wrong since it is possible for hackers to use the previous account holders’ accounts and look for personal information. This is also risky since people use their email accounts as logins for other websites like Facebook as well. 

    Yahoo says that it would make sure to minimize the chances of such things from happening. It claims that other websites would be able to identify the recycled email addresses as well. 

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