WWII Bomber Memphis Belle to be restored.

  • Judging by the look of the B-17, there's no way to tell that this is one of the most famous planes in US Military history. It had convinced Americans that it might be possible to defeat the Nazis by flying 25 bombing missions. The plane's fate after this, however, wasn't half as glamorous. It was kept in Oklahoma for a long time and them put on display in Memphis. There are a lot of unknowns in the restoration process but according to Greg Hassler, the restorers don't guess and that it's better to leave out than to guess considering that him and his team don't want to get anything wrong.

    Moreover, there are certain parts in the plane that could be tempting to keep but have to go simply because they are not original. It is unclear as to when the restoration will be finished but they said that it might take until 2014 or till early 2015 to bring the plane back to life. Hassler said that he is trying to be perfectly accurate by paying details about the design because that's the correct way to present the aircraft.