Woman prints fake $100 bills at home

  • A working mother in Virginia used a Hewlett-Pakard 3-in-1 inkjet printer to counterfeit in order to make ends meet. 

    Janitor and hairstylist Tarshema Brice pleaded guilty for creating nearly $20k in fake bills over two years. Her lawyer said the 34-year-old needed the money to raise her six children on her own. 

    Moreover, the Richmond Times-Dispatch notes that the woman started off with watermarking $5 bills and used ordinary tools such as Purple Power degreaser, for the rest of the work. She managed to fool detection pens, but was finally caught by the authorities and arrested in September. 

    "Depending on the technology you are using, you could just print up some to go out on a Friday night," an agent said. 

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