Woman gets two apples instead of iPhones for $1,300

  • A woman in Australia, who searched for iPhones in the classifieds Web site Gumtree got into an agreement with another woman upon seeing an ad. 

    The two ladies arranged a meeting and the buyer handed over $1,336 in return for two shiny cases of iPhones wrapped in new boxes. However, she found out later that the boxes contained actual apples instead of the phones that she was expecting to see. These boxes contained natural logo and the seller must have taken special care to precisely fit the two apples into the iPhone boxes. 

    This isn't the first time that an incident like this has happened. A women in Spartanburg, S.C. had once bought an iPad for $150 without realizing that the gadget was made of wood. Another British man had bought one for $390 but the box had been full of potatoes. 

    Such incidents continue to occur as people don't feel the need to open the box and make sure it is what they wish to buy before handing over large sums of money. 

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