Why did ObamaCare website have so much trouble?

  • One reason that has been cited for the ObamaCare website facing so many issues is its ability to accommodate 50,000 visitors at once. However, David Brailer, who played a role in launching the Medicare drug benefit in 2006 referred to the situation as being "weird." He mentioned that this federal health care program had the ability to handle double the number of visitors so "the math just doesn't add up."

    There were many warnings by health insurers and others regarding the website not being ready to go before it was launched.

    Robert Andrews, Democrat Rep said the White House was well aware of the fact that this big project was going to have issues regarding implementation. 

    The good news is that the executives at the insurance industry said there's enough time to fix these issues and make sure that people receive insurance by the beginning of 2014. 

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