"WannaCry" Ransomeware Affects 200,000 victims Worldover

  • uropol Director Rob Wainwright has told media that a unique ransomeware attack has adversely affected 200,000 victims (includes schools, shops, hospitals, and car factories) across 150 countries. Reports claim that it is the biggest ransomware attack till now.

    Rob went on to say that the attack is unique in itself as the ransomware (named WannaCry) works in combination with “worm functionality”, thereby spreading the infection automatically.

    Cyber security experts have said that the intensity of attack has slowed down world over but the respite seems to be brief in nature.

    European Union’s police agency fears that the number of victims will increase on Monday.

    Reports say that the ransomware attack has revealed failure of the US government’s protocols to warn about system vulnerabilities to private sector as well as software developers.

    Map showing countries affected by cyber attack