Vintage computer of Apple sold at an auction for 668 thousand dollars

  • A vintage computer of Apple has been sold at an auction for 516 thousand Euros or 668 thousand US dollars, which is a record amount. As per the auctioneer, the computer is one among the first few such models to have been made by Apple during 1976. Breker, the German house responsible for the auction, has stated that the computer that is tentatively being referred to as Apple 1 was purchased by an Asian client who did not wish the name to be revealed. 

    The computer had been built by the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, in a family garage. According to Breker the model sold recently was among the 6 remaining of its kind in the whole world. The auction house already sold one such model in 2012 for 492 thousand euros. It has also stated that the computer sold has the signature of Wozniak. The package also included an old letter of Steve Jobs that was meant for purposes of business transaction.

    The Apple 1 had been sold in 1976 for 666 dollars. It comprises a circuit board only. The case, the screen and the keyboard had to be bought separately with the machine. At present, Apple Computers Inc. have their head offices at Cupertino, California.