US won't save any money by changing fonts

  • Turns out a teen's brilliant idea was faulty and the switching the font to Garamond won't help the US government in saving hundreds of millions of dollars. 

    The 14-year-old boy argued that the more preferred font doesn't use as much ink and should become the government's default font. However, an expert said Suvir Mirchandani is off base. 

    "He can be excused for not understanding this weirdo oddity of the way fonts are measured, but the biggest issue with his argument is that he measured Garamond at the wrong size," John Brownlee of Fast Company writes. The problem is that switching to this font would result in the government increasing the size and erasing any savings. "There's very little reason to believe that Garamond would save the government any money at all," Brownlee said. 

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